2017 – 2020 BA Philosophy, Leiden University, NL.
2014 – 2018 BA (Honours) Fine Arts, Willem de Kooning Academy, NL.
Jan. 2017 – June 2017 Chelsea College of Arts[Univerity of the Art London], UK.
Exchange Semester: Fine Arts


Publication Apria Journal, NL

The Echo to Every Footstep, group show, Rotterdam, NL.

June, group show, Nieuw Dakota Amsterdam, NL
2021 Trans*formation Tutorials, performance, curation by Kübra Uzun & Simon(e) van Saarloos, Other Futures
Festival at Brakke Grond Amsterdam, NL
2021 Project Raamwerk, group show, NEStudios Rotterdam, NL
2021 good mourning, solo vitrine, curation by Rosa Cherim, Small museum Paradiso Amsterdam, NL
2021 NNN Fair, performance, Worm Rotterdam, curation by Non Non Native, NL.
2021 Through The Window, online exhibition, TTW by Kübra Uzun, Simon(e) van Saarloos
& Omer Tevfik Erten;TR/NL.
2021 TENT Online Cinema, screening "a father's passport", TENT Rotterdam, NL.
2021 Kunstsalon IJL, Group Show, Galerie Noord Groningen, NL.

2020 Print & Play X Boijmans Hillevliet, printable group exhibition [click], Curated by Marieke van den Belt
& Thieu Custers, Boijmans [online] Rotterdam, NL.
2020 En NU, performance, Pictura dordrecht, NL.
2020 #softmarket, group show, Frank Taal Gallery, Rotterdam NL.
2020 Mirrors and Reflections, group show, Loosen Art Gallery Millepiani Rome, IT.
2020 WKNDX, performance, Witte Rook Breda, NL.
2020 Ways of Watching Together, performance, curated by Neverland Cinema, ShowRoom MaMa Rotterdam, NL.

2019 The New Current, group show, Cruise Terminal Rotterdam, NL.

2018 My Broken Tongue, installation performance icw Nash Caldera, Curated by Marijke Appelman, Galerie Lecq Rotterdam, NL.
2018 Garagecafe #8, performance, Garage Rotterdam, NL.

Makersloket, Stichting Droom & Daad, 2021 [Grant]
Research & Development (O&O) CBK Rotterdam, 2021. [Grant]
Treshold Awards, 2018. [Nomination]
Excel Yourself Scholarship, 2018. [Nomination]
2022 Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender, NL
2021 Queer & Feminist Poetry Anthology, publication poetry, Unwanted Words Rotterdam, NL
2021 Social Works? Open digital journal, Social Art Library Manchester, UK
2020 Pictura Blad 02/2020, cover, Pictura Dordrecht, NL.
2020 Sewing Skins, artist interview [click] [click] ,Witte Rook Breda, NL.
2019 Poetica Volume II, poem “inhabiting the space of the other”, Bymepoetry Melbourne, AU.
2018 The death of death: an artistic research on memorial bots [click]. Museum Tot Zover Amsterdam, NL.
2018 When I Forgot To Sleep, Susan Llewelyn. visual art, ByMePoetry Melbourne, AU.
2017 Language Game[s]: Language, Poetry and Artificial Language, publication for the symposium of the same name, UAL London, UK.
Hương Quỳnh 'Kwinnie' Maria Lê Vu
Rotterdam, NL.
2022 Worlds between Words, workshop, Showroom Mama Rotterdam, NL
2021 Workshops Jeugdvakantiepaspoort, Boijmans Hillevliet Rotterdam, NL
2021 Podcast small museum#4, Paradiso Amsterdam, NL.
2020 The Not for Profit Art Party, performative workshop, Pension Almonde Rotterdam, NL.
2020 LARp: Pong, collaboration with Acceptable Risk LA, Rotterdam x Los Angeles, NL/USA.
2019 - 2020 Bcademie Rotterdam,NL
2019 Society of Spectacle’s Evolution: discussion on the power of images, panel member, Nieuw Dakota Amsterdam, NL.
2016-2019 Editor & Programmer ByMePoetry, Melbourne, AU.
2020 WKNDX, Witte Rook Breda, NL.