I am not a third person. I am not my last name. I am not my age, gender or birthplace. just like you, I was born a storyteller. In the following lines I will tell you how these flesh & bones, body of work, came to be.

We all carry a multitude of stories. Big ones, small ones, brave ones & scary ones. Sometimes you wear them on your sleeves & sometimes they are hidden. Through deviating our everyday manners to non-everyday manners, I want to reveal stories that are not always visible. The body, that is being cut, deleted, distorted & duplicated, is at the core center. These stories are created through, about or with the body to connect with people & to understand people. Once the body morphs, the way & the extent to which someone dares to be vulnerable changes. This affects another core element in my practice, which is language. A tool we are expected to use on a day to day basis. By distorting the body you deal with language differently & so, your communication to others. In my playground of poetics, words can be treated as objects & I want to invite you to move within. My practice is a linguistic body, a bodily language, which distorts itself to allow stories to unravel.

They reveal themselves in performances, installations & poetry, though taking shape in many forms. From text & textiles to smell & the retraction of sight, there is no fixed medium to work by. As my artistry developed, I have discovered one thing: My consistency will not rely on the medium. It is the story, the concept, the experience conveyed. This is what matters.