sewing skins
my broken tongue
from one to another
your heart on my skin
in the arms of a river
I wish you knew me by my name 2020 - now
With the encounter of the current Vietnamese flag, my parents get upset. It’s the symbol of the regime they had fled. Instead, they will use the South-Vietnamese flag. A flag that is banished in the homeland. This flag is still used widely by the Vietnamese refugee diaspora who come from the exodus of the Vietnam-American war. It also carries the name “Lá cờ Tự do và Di sản”, meaning the heritage & freedom flag. “I wish you knew me by my name” is a research that questions representation of the individual vs. the collective & the ownership of space through the use of flags.
a father's passport
I wish you knew me by my name
Văn Lang
We can still build a home while floating