From one to another explores modes of communication through the adaptation of the senses. If we shift our senses, we may be able to shift our perspective and shift into the world of the other. The utensils have been substituted in ways of use. The cutlery becomes the pen, the napkin becomes the blindfold and the tablecloth becomes our collective canvas. Within each course there is an adaptation of the body, which in return changes the extent we open up in our communication to others. The original set up was made to lower the threshold to talk about mental health in an educational system. Now, the performance has set out to adapt to its context and the individuals who partake in the dinner, making what is told within the performance ever changing.
course 1: swallow our words
course 2: wipe off the excess
course 3: after tea
sewing skins
my broken tongue
from one to another
pain on display
your heart on my skin
from one to another
Because of the nature of the performance, documentation is limited as this could be experienced as intrusive & influence the performance immensely. After the performance, the moment remains within the memory of the individuals & on the tablecloths, which are folded & never to be opened again.
in the arms of a river
I wish you knew me by my name
Văn Lang