Life is a performance. With a needle, I tattoo short pieces from my poems & philosophies onto my body using the handpoke technique. It is a performance that flows into my daily life. A performance that will continue for life. With the same motion, the needle going in and out, I sew the same words on textiles. It emulates the skin in which the performance has extended to a matter separate from the body & thereby creating a new body into the space. What is inked on my skin also appears on textile.
sewing skins
my broken tongue
from one to another
pain on display
your heart on my skin
con đi đâu?, progress, 2019
more documentation can be found on my skin
As art is worn on my body, it becomes embedded into daily life. Art as a conversation piece finds itself outside of the art institutions & creates artistic encounters at the supermarket, on the street & so on.
in the arms of a river
I wish you knew me by my name
Văn Lang
the works are currently being reconstructed.