My broken tongue” is a collaborative performance with Nash Caldera(CW/NL) in which we address the theme of linguistic identity. Both of us have a different experience when it comes to growing up multilingual & how language affects our daily lives. During the performance we created our own ritual in the gallery space in which we combine cleansing rituals. Once outside of the gallery space, we invite the audience to write on our elongated headwraps. Situated in Rotterdam, a multicultural city, this resulted in a variety of languages on the headwraps. After the writing, the participants burned the headwraps and entered the gallery space to light up an incense stick themselves.
Curated by Marijke Appelman
Photo's by Kamali van Bochove
sewing skins
my broken tongue
from one to another
pain on display
your heart on my skin
in the arms of a river
I wish you knew me by my name
Văn Lang